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About us

Magic In The Stars


Our Mission:

Our mission at Magic In The stars is to create a fun loving online playground for people to mingle in. Think of when you go to a dance club, bar, pub or other social gather venue. The people mingle and have fun by getting to know each other through interacting and just being themselves. Our mission is just that but rather than going to an establishment, we bring the scene to you virtually.

Our Vision:

To be a low cost all inclusive online dating and social media dating fun loving friendly mingle website for people. To be an adults virtual online playground.

Members Only Style Online Dating:

Our format for membership on Magic In The stars is a members only design. In order to help find all the best and most real members, we have a system where ALL MEMBERS ARE PAID MEMBERS. You cannot even create a profile without being a paid member. Our strategy on this is that anyone who is serious will not only create a profile but will help secure it with a financial connection. This helps weed out people who create profiles once and never return, fake profiles, profiles from someone who is under age playing games and above all computer bots. computer bots are a system where automated computers scroll the internet looking for FREE sites in order to interact and gain information about its members. They are very sophisticated and can do just about anything, but one thing they do not do is " Pay For A Membership". Hence the reason for our very low cost but still all members paid strategy. Read the about us section for more details.

About Us:

Magic In The stars is one of the most full filling websites on the internet. We are a combination Online Dating, Social Media Dating and simple social Media interaction website. We have many different methods for our members to get to know a person before actually meeting or speaking to them. You can play games, chat in groups or one to one, like and share photos and even rate each others pictures. Magic In The Stars is a social media dating website designed for anyone looking for a friend, companion or just to have fun. Our members only strategy ( described above ) is a one of a kind as it is a simple UNLIMITED ACCESS MEMBERSHIP. There are no nickle and dime tactics, credits to purchase or ads that pop up for you to click on and buy things. Our site is all about the users and the members, that's it.

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Unfortunately we cannot verify members, information, photos or anything else contributed to our site by a user/member. Our program for members only as well as all members being paid helps reduce unwanted activity on our site, but it is not guaranteed or an exact science. We cannot guarantee, verify, vouch for or authenticate any members / users or profiles entered on our site. We ask that you ( the user / member ) treat our website with that of a social media style site. Careful of information you publicize here and who you interact with to the best of your ability. You the member have the ability to Block other members if you do not want to be contacted by them. Also if needed you can report abuse to use as well as report pictures and videos that you may believe are inappropriate for our community site. You can do this by contacting us on our contact page here. Contact Magic In The Stars